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Dr. Yang Lu



Dr Lu Yang has recently joined the Integrative Analysis Unit in SCELSE as Research Fellow. Prior to that he finished his PhD in Microbiology at The University of Queensland in 2014 and then continued as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at The Advanced Water Management Centre in UQ until 2017. His primary research goals are directed towards understanding the microbial ecology in wastewater treatment processes using biotechnology and classical/cutting edge molecular techniques. He has investigated microbial communities in terms of identification (by Next Generation Sequencing and Metagenomics), spatial distribution (by fluorescence microscopy) and functionality (by proteomics) in anaerobic digestion, sustainable wastewater treatment and microbial fuel cells.  He is currently focusing on understanding the microbial ecology of anaerobic ammonium oxidation (ANAMMOX) bacteria in wastewater treatment.



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