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Eganathan Kaliyamoorthy


Eganathan photo.jpg


Nathan obtained his M.Sc., and before that his B.Sc. in Chemistry, from Bharathidasan University in India. In his previous work he worked as a Quality Control staff in the pharmaceutical industry for nine years. There he was involved in sampling and testing of pharmaceutical samples (raw material, intermediate, finished product and stability samples) and water samples using analytical equipment like HPLC, GC,FTIR, AAS, TOC, UV-Vis spectroscopy, etc.

In his current project Nathan provides analytical support to the researchers including sample preparation, analyses and data collection using IC,GC,HPLC,FIA, and UV-Vis spectroscopy. He also helps with running the bioreactors and monitoring their activity on a daily basis. Outside the lab he enjoys cooking, playing Badminton, and following cricket matches.


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